Optimization; Effortless Customer Experience; Employee Engagement.

Peg Ayers helps Contact Center Executives outperform their competitors by more than 25% in positive word of mouth, first call resolution, and web, chat and email issue resolution by creating a more effortless customer experience.

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Employee Engagement:

The biggest investment a Customer Service Center makes is in its people.  Advertising for them, hiring them, training them, waiting for them to gain enough experience to be productive.  Then [Read more][Read more]

Effortless Customer Experience:

Did you know that a customer service interaction is four times more likely to drive disloyalty than to drive loyalty?  And the disloyal are much more likely to share their [Read more][Read more]

Process Optimization:

Let’s face it.  Nobody’s delighted with all of their processes.  But who has the time to delve into those while keeping the day-to-day on track?  We can help by starting [Read more][Read more]

About Peg Ayers

As a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) with more than 25 years of running large customer service operations for such Fortune 500 companies as Office Depot and Cendant, Peg Ayers implements proven front-line-focused processes that improve Customer and Employee Experience, increasing revenue and decreasing costs. [Learn More]

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Peg’s Page You know how time moves faster when holidays are coming up and you have a huge to-do list? It was that time for me about 15 years ago [Read more]